The goal of the Lost Classics Project is to legitimately bring back to the Apple II community those commercial or freeware software titles that have become unavailable to the general public.

This is done by contacting the copyright holders of this software and convincing them to reclassify their product as freeware, as-is, and allow their programs  to be made available to the Apple II community again.

The Lost Classics Project, currently headed by Tony Diaz, a long time Apple II user and developer, is made up of volunteers, all of whom are also long-time Apple II enthusiasts and who go to the time and trouble of tracking down the copyright holders for software.

After a lengthy hiatus from the web, and being bounced around the online services, the Lost Classics Project returned to the world wide web in late 2008 and soon after, with one of the biggest additions, ProTERM 3.1, the premiere Apple II telecommunications package was released through the Lost Classics Project..