Welcome to the new Lost Classics Project, an Apple II Software Repository.

The Lost Classics Project was originally established in the mid 1990s’s within the GEnie A2 RoundTable and has transitioned along with the A2 crew, making it’s first web appearance in 2001 along side of the then newly formed A2Central.com, and is now available under the Apple2.info/org group banner.

Our goals for this site are any and all Apple II software that has been officially reclassified to be listed here, either inĀ announcementĀ form or direct hosting..

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  1. tdiaz Says:

    Your opinion counts! Let us know how we can improve this site!

  2. willie Says:

    There’s also the missing Adventure International series, Bronze Dragon (Commonwealth Software).

    Some programming software (ugh, I can’t remember the names now). I have to pull out the old csa2 TCP site and look at what else there was.

  3. Mitchell Spector Says:

    Although it’s not always a reliable source of information, Wikipedia has a mention that Battle Chess had been reclassified a number of years ago.


    It notes in 1994 it was reclassified as freeware when Battle Chess II was introduced. If this is true, it’s worth nothing there’s both an 8-bit Apple II version, and a GS-specific version (I have both versions on hand if an archive is needed).

    It was published by Interplay who’s still around. Anyone want to follow up on this?

  4. willie Says:

    I followed up with Interplay, who can neither deny or confirm that it is true. Though I managed to locate the said DOS version of the game, and checked the “authencity” on the said period. The read.now file of the archive in question is dated 16-Jan-1992, and the program with copy protection circumvended 20-Jun-1991, the animation files 24-Aug-1989.

    It does point to the approximate period in question, but without a complete confirmation, I am not so sure if it is really “reclassied freeware”, but however, it could have been true that it was released for a specific period of that release.

  5. Matt Macari Says:

    I just wanted to see how I can get registered with your website. There is a lot of good stuff here and I have recently gotten back to my Apple II roots with the purchase of several systems – IIe, IIgs, IIc, IIc+ and II+.

    Please let me know.


  6. tdiaz Says:

    Registration isn’t needed for the Lost Classics Project, as the content is (supposed) to be available in the open. There was a migration due to server upgrade and in the process some (all?) files got marked as “registration required” for downloading. Thats been fixed.

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