On behalf of the Estate of Joe Kohn, the Lost Classics Project brings you the entire collection of Shareware Solutions II.

SSII was published bi-monthly in newsletter form, with each issue packed full of tips, resources, tutorials and more, SSII is an invaluable reference for the new and experienced Apple II user alike, and now it is available in electronic form. Discover the Apple II like you never knew before, experience the legacy that started as a regular feature in the Apple IIgs Buyer’s Guide and continued on for three years as a feature in inCider/A+ when the IIgs Buyer’s Guide ceased publication.

While the content in the pages of these issues may contain contact information to vendors or individuals, it should be expected that the great majority of this is outdated, and presented purely for historical reference and completeness.  These issues are presented here in platform independent native PDF format. They are 100% searchable and printable. The whole collection comes in at just under 6 Megabytes.

22 Issues of SSII were published from 1993 through 1998, each issue focuses on a theme but also builds on past issues.

Shareware Solutions II was created, edited and published entirely on the Apple IIgs primarily using AppleWorks GS. In doing so, Joe probably made AppleWorks GS do things in ways that the original programmers never thought about. Bringing SSII to you electronically and preserving it’s original look and feel was a bit of a challenge, more so than I thought it would be. I’m sorry it took significantly longer than I anticipated. It was worth every second spent on it, and the least I could do to ensure Joe’s legacy lives on and showcases each issue in the very best possible way for every new reader and discover new things about the Apple II. So, come join us on An Exciting Apple II Journey Into The Future.

Shareware Solutions II is available from the Lost Classics Project right now at http://lostclassics.apple2.info.

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