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  Double Data 2.0 - (SHK)
70.8 KiB Blocks - 914 Downloads - 18-April 2009
DoubleData 2.0 allows you to increase AppleWorks 3 database catagories from 30 to 60. Not compatible with DoubleData 1.x files. (LCP Release)

  Mr. Invoice 2.0 - (SHK)
74.9 KiB Blocks - 900 Downloads - 18-April 2009
Mr.Invoice 2.0 is an invoicing manager for AppleWorks 3.0 or higher. It includes such features as maintaining a customer database, updating inventory levels after a sale, tracking back orders and sales, and printing your own forms. Originally conceived by Bob Martz as "Invoice Merge," this program has been completely rewritten by Mark Munz, and is being released as Freeware by the Author as well as the publisher, JEM Software via The Lost Classics Project.

  Report Writer 2.54 - (SHK)
206.5 KiB Blocks - 860 Downloads - 18-April 2009
ReportWriter 2.54 For use with AppleWorks 2.x or 3.x. Allows you to manipulate files for report printouts-- supports footer placement, manipulates data within the spreadsheet module, allows use of custom printer drivers, and more. (See the Notes file within the archive. Now being released as Freeware by the Publisher, JEM Software via The Lost Classics Project