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  System II - Desktop Manager - (SHK)
393.9 KiB Blocks - 428 Downloads - 18-April 2009
SYSTEM.II is an 8-bit desktop-style system manager for the //c, //e or the GS in 8-bit mode. Files and drives are represented by icons, and can be chosen with just a keypress. Some utilities are included with the program, including: copy file, copy disk, rename, unlock, delete, format, restart, and shutdown. The program includes a built-in screen saver. The user can set parameters such as full or abbreviated menus, setting the system clock speed for accelerated machines, and have the choice of the keyboard, joystick or mouse as the input device. Other options include the choice of what slot to boot from, security settings, access to the GS Control Panel, as well as setting what files to automatically run at startup as well as shutdown. This archive can be copied to either multiple 5.25" disks, a single 800k disk, or any ProDOS compatible hard drive. Originally published by Kitchen Sink Software, System II has been released as Freeware by the Copyright holder, Eric Bush, via The Lost Classics Project.