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  BeagleDraw GS (SHK)
107.7 KiB Blocks - 1,147 Downloads - 11-January 2009
BeagleDraw, originally released as Styleware TopDraw, is an object-oriented paint program for the Apple IIGS. Written by Robert Hearn and Jeff Erickson; copyrighted by Beagle Bros in 1989. Requires at least 1 meg of RAM to run. (SHK/LCP Release)

  BeagleWrite GS (SHK)
598.8 KiB Blocks - 1,221 Downloads - 10-January 2009
BeagleWrite GS, originally released as MultiScribe GS, is a word processing program for GS/OS. It includes an excellent spell checker and a thesaurus with word definitions. In addition, it has tools for drawing lines, boxes, and ovals. It can import bitmapped graphics. Its files can be read by the word processing module of AppleWorks GS. (SHK/LCP Release)


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