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  TimeOut Desktools (SHK)
101.7 KiB Blocks - 1,405 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut DeskTools gives AppleWorks users 11 different utilities for use in AW3 - 5.x* The utilities include: TO.CALENDAR, TO.CASE.CONVERT, TO.ENCRYPTER, TO.CLOCK, TO.CLIPBOARD, TO.DIALER, TO.ENVELOPE.ADDRESSER, TO.NOTEPAD, TO.PAGE.PREVIEW, TO.PUZZLE, TO.WORD.COUNT (* Some of these may not work with 4.x and 5.x.) (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut FileMaster (SHK)
70.1 KiB Blocks - 1,133 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut FileMaster gives AppleWorks 3.x users the ability to manipulate file and disk operations from within AppleWorks.

  TimeOut Graph (SHK)
215.5 KiB Blocks - 1,163 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut Graph gives AppleWorks users the ability to render their spreadsheet files into different types of graphs for a more pleasing and understandable rendition of their data. AppleWorks 4.x and 5.x users must use the TimeOut Updater to use this program with those versions. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut Graph - Documentation (SHK)
109.6 KiB Blocks - 916 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut Graph documentation in text and graphic format. Most of the graphics have been reproduced as DHR graphics can be read by either TO.Paint or the AppleWorks 5 database. Thanks to Gareth Jones for preparing this manual. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut Macroease (SHK)
312.4 KiB Blocks - 1,109 Downloads - 24-January 2009
Designed to make using UltraMacros 3.0 easier (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut PowerPack (SHK)
85.3 KiB Blocks - 1,100 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut PowerPack gives AppleWorks users 10 different utilities for use in AW3 - 5.x (Some of these do not work with 4.x and 5.x, or, like Triple Clip and Triple Desk, are built into the newer versions.) (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut SideSpread (SHK)
85.7 KiB Blocks - 1,097 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut SideSpread changes the printout orientation for a spreadsheet from portrait to landscape. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut SuperFonts (SHK)
285.4 KiB Blocks - 970 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut SuperFonts ver 3.1 allows AppleWorks users to use a variety of Macintosh fonts for printout from within an AppleWorks 3.0 or higher word processing document. TimeOut PickFonts is included. Also includes TimeOut Paint. Graphics created with TO.Paint may be used with TimeOut SuperFonts and To.Graph. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut SuperFonts - FontPak 1 (SHK)
103.3 KiB Blocks - 1,151 Downloads - 23-January 2009
FontPak 1 contains 40 additional fonts for use with TimeOut SuperFonts. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut SuperFonts - FontPak 2 (SHK)
114.6 KiB Blocks - 1,150 Downloads - 23-January 2009
FontPak 2 contains 54 additional fonts for use with TimeOut SuperFonts. (SHK/LCP Release)

  TimeOut Telecom (SHK)
91.8 KiB Blocks - 1,132 Downloads - 23-January 2009
TimeOut Telecomm gives AppleWorks users the ability to go online from within the AW envrionment. It features the ability to send text directly from the desktop, VT-52 emulation (among others), a review buffer, the ability to print the current screen being shown, and a splitscreen option. Protocol transfers are limited to 128 xmodem, 128 xmodem/CRC, 1k xmodem, and 4k xmodem. Compatible with AW3 and up.